What is the importance of tree trimming?

On several occasions we see a person doing tree trimming in the streets, but we do not know what is the importance of doing it.
In this post we are going to deepen in what is the importance of tree trimming and learn some benefits that it brings.

To begin with, pruning is very important for the maintenance of our trees and shrubs, if done carefully and correctly.
This is how we release them from the oldest and driest branches and in the spring they sprout the new ones, rejuvenating the plant and giving it new life.

Pruning is done in the winter months when the trees have thrown their leaves before they sprout again.

Many people have their plants or their crops and do not know the importance of pruning their trees.
The consequences for the lack of pruning are multiple and many times we do not realize those details.
Unfortunately in recent years, pruning is not done in an orderly manner and sometimes, nor is it done.

Why should we take care of our trees?

In times of strong winds and rains is when more attention should be paid to this task. Since these climatic conditions can turn to the trees in a danger by the cables of light that there may be.

The tree should be treated as a social good because it provides a public service allowing pure air. In the same way it is a good for each one of us since we can get good shade from them.

Importance of pruning

The pruning helps in general way to the growth of the trees since it balances its branches and its radicular system. In this way you can also control the growth of the tree to give the correct growth of it.

Also when pruning our trees these can take a better look both individually and in conjunction with the park.

Preventing accidents with old branches or with light cables that could be hit.

Some of the benefits of pruning are:

To give life

With pruning, we release old and dry branches to trees and shrubs. In this way, the trees sprout again in the spring, giving it a new life.
Through pruning, we help our trees to renew themselves in the spring.

Greater health to crops

If we let the dry leaves and branches stay, they would weaken our plants, trees and plantations. The main objective of pruning is to encourage that more branches are born from the plant. These will grow stronger and more vital.

Easier access to the sun

When pruning the cups and the dry elements of the plantations, the sun has a more direct access to the other plants, preventing them from dying.
The influence of the sun is essential for plants and trees to grow. It also helps to control the presence of pests.

It is a balancing element

Thanks to the pruning, we achieve a balance in the weight and the dimensions, of the trees above all.

In short, we can say that the importance of tree trimming helps our gardens to:

  • Have more strength and vitality.
  • Help the development of the crop, its flowering and fruit production.
  • Create a very important aesthetic element.
  • Studies on the energy of its development can be carried out.
  • Provides better nutrition to plants and trees.
  • We eliminate weaknesses of the plant and protect it against possible diseases.

Now that you know the importance of pruning, take care of your plants.
But always in a responsible way, contacting professionals from the sector who will advise you and guide you through the process.

Saul Saldana Jr

Triple S Tree