What is landscaping?

Landscaping is the activity designed to modify the visible, physical and psychic characteristics of a space, both rural and urban, including: living elements, such as flora and fauna, what is usually called gardening, the art of cultivating plants with the purpose of creating a beautiful landscape environment; natural elements such as landforms, elevations or water courses; human elements, such as structures, buildings or other material objects created by man; Abstract elements, such as climatic and light conditions; and the cultural elements. (Wikipedia)

Landscaping is a concept with two great uses. On the one hand, the term refers to art that consists of the planning, design and conservation of parks and gardens. On the other hand, the notion is linked to the pictorial genre that is dedicated to the representation of landscapes (the extension of land visible from a site).

Landscaping, therefore, can be associated with the set of activities designed to modify the visible aspects of a land. The artist who dedicates himself to this task receives the name of landscaper.

Landscapers are responsible for working with living beings (such as plants, flowers and trees), natural elements (a river, a stream, a hill, etc.), human creations (buildings, roads, bridges) and abstract issues (such as conditions). climatological).

From the study of these factors, experts in landscaping create an environment that is attractive on an aesthetic level. It can be said that the manipulated landscape is the work of art of the landscaper, since there he expresses his ideas and feelings.

Beyond the artistic, the landscaper must also be responsible for protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of its design.

In the same way, we have to emphasize that there are other types of landscaping. Thus, for example, we can highlight the so-called aquarium or aquatic landscaping, which is a term used to refer to all those actions that are carried out with the clear objective of making any aquarium offer an impeccable and striking appearance, in which the fish not only have a perfect habitat but a truly beautiful scenery.

In this sense, it should be noted that the experts in this type of landscaping, when designing the look and image of any aquarium, take into account aspects such as the use of natural or artificial plants and also rocks as well as colors of the fish that are in that receptacle full of water.

Landscapers, however, not only paint natural images. One can speak, in this sense, of urban landscapes (the representation of cities, with their buildings, streets and settlers) or dreamlike landscapes (reflect images of dreams).

Saul Saldana Jr

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