How to Crush a stump?

Triple S Tree
  • Locate a stump shredder for rent.

    This machine crushes the stumps and their root system up to 1 foot deep. You can rent a stump grinder in the rental houses for a day.

    If you prefer someone else to handle the machine, you can hire someone to come to your property with the shredder and do the work for you. If you are going to operate the machine on your own, you should use gloves, goggles and hearing protectors.

  • Place it on the stump and begin to crush it.

    Following the manufacturer's instructions, place the shredder and turn it on. It will crush the surface of the stump and make its way to the ground to crush the roots.

    You need to move the crusher around the stump circumference to eliminate all the roots of the area.

  • Pick up the remains with a shovel.

    The earth recovers faster if you eliminate the wooden base. Remove it with a shovel and put it in the compost pile or discard it in another way.

  • Fill the hole.

    Remove the remains and fill the hole with loam or sawdust. Continue adding material in the area as it becomes depressed over time.

  • TIPS

    1. Ask someone to help you and do not rush.
    2. Cut as many roots as possible before trying to move the tree and loosen the stump of the ground. 3. Plan each step carefully.
    3. Think about what can go wrong before it happens.
    4. Use a swinging motion to loosen the stump.
    5. Make sure your tools are sharp and in good condition.
    6. If all else fails, call a professional.
    7. If this process does not work, cut the trunk close to the base above the stump and burn it. Although we do not recommend doing it by environmental measures.

    Saul Saldana Jr

    Triple S Tree