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The trees require constant attention because as every living being needs to take care of their appearance and nourish themselves, in order to discard everything that affects the tree and leave it completely healthy, pruning is used.

A good tree pruning not only benefits the spaces and the people around it, but also stimulates the proper growth of the trees and strengthens the health of them.

For this simple reason in TRIPLE S TREE SERVICES we make a detailed study before carrying out any work with trees, making sure that the result is beneficial for all those involved in the process.

We present you 5 benefits that good tree trimming can bring:


1. Reduce the risk of infections in the tissues of the tree.

When pruning the trees, all the wood that is sick or plagued by insects is removed, which can completely damage the tree. Also, to improve ventilation and decrease the chances of new infection, the thickness of the leaf cup is reduced.

The dry, broken or damaged branches, which can not bear fruit or flower, are completely eliminated so as not to remove nutrients from the whole plant.

However, it is very important that the person doing the pruning of the tree avoid making the tree very large wounds, removing parts that produce the necessary nutrients so that it remains in good condition.

And at the same time, it is essential that the tools used to prune are clean and disinfected so that they do not cause significant damage to the tree. In this way, the tree can grow healthy and strong, and offer a good service to the people around it.

2. Improve the quality of the fruit and the wood

By eliminating all types of infections and pests of the tree, this can produce healthy fruits and good flavor, as well as flowers and wood of excellent quality.

By making a healthy pruning, not only is the proper development of the tree encouraged, but it also helps to prolong the life of the tree and to enjoy for more time all the advantages it can offer.

In TRIPLE S TREE SERVICES we have the necessary knowledge on the care of the trees, on the structure of these, and the seasons in which this process can be carried out, so as not to mistreat the tree.

3. Control the growth of the tree.

When pruning the trees we help the branches spread out in the proper way and generate a good balance, so that the tree does not fall or split easily.

In addition, the fact that the tree grows with the right proportions allows to improve its aesthetics and, at the same time, facilitates the organization and distribution of the spaces.

4. Increase the safety of passers-by and their belongings

By not resorting to a good pruning at the right time is likely that trees in poor condition or mistreated can be a risk to passersby, as with heavy rain or winds can fall and end up damaging things around.

So it is very important to make good maintenance to the trees every 3 or 4 years to make sure that this will have a good stability and firmness, and especially that it will not cause any type of accident.

5. Improve lighting and favor the passage of air

Removing the dry branches not only improves the appearance of the tree, but also facilitates the healing of the wounds it may have. Which helps purify the air and generate a greater amount of oxygen.

In addition, lighting is also improved, and nicer and cleaner environments are created for people.

Having a tree trimming service such as TRIPLE S TREE SERVICES in your area is ideal to leave the care, maintenance and restoration of your trees in the hands of professionals.

Saul Saldana Jr

Triple S Tree