12 cares for your garden in spring

Leaving behind the frost and the sadness of winter comes the explosion of flowering. Normally the cold can damage the species of our garden, but the sun and the high temperatures are equally dangerous for him. This is why we must take into account some aspects to take care of our garden with the arrival of spring.

Here we list some basic care for your garden in spring:

  1. Clean the garden. Cleaning our garden helps to oxygenate the earth, we recommend you remove all traces of leaves, petals, seeds or wilted flowers, as well as the waste that is in the garden and we recommend plowing the land a little.
  2. Eliminate weeds. With this, we avoid consuming nutrients from the soil so that our healthy species can thrive without problems at this time.
  3. Prune the plants. The spring is ideal to make a good pruning of branches and trunks of trees and shrubs with it will facilitate that your plants grow more and better.
  4. Cut and fertilize the lawn. In the period that includes the months of March to October we must cut the grass at least once a week so that this grows green and shiny. Given the high temperatures, the soil loses nutrients more frequently, so we must pay it a week if possible.
  5. Watering in an ideal schedule. Many think that watering our plants in the hottest hours will help them not dehydrate, but this is a practice that is not correct. It is best to do it in the early hours of the day or during the sun's fall as the water evaporates less during the central hours of the day and the plants take advantage of it better.
  6. Fertilization in early spring favors the growth of roots and leaves, and helps plants to replenish minerals and recover from the cold during the winter.
  7. The spring season is ideal for planting some species, know what you can plant in your garden according to the decoration of the same as petunias, lilies and roses. Do not spend time on species that will not flower when planted this season.
  8. If you want to plant new species in your garden at this time, do not add new land and try to have your plantation at the same height as the land you already have planted.
  9. When having new flowers or trees and for their correct development we recommend to place a “entutorad” system.
  10. If you have trees or shrubs in your garden, it is advisable that you prune the leaves or dry branches that have not withstood the winter frosts. With this you will allow the sun and air to reach the other plants in an appropriate way.
  11. Aphids, mites, worms, slugs and snails ... They usually attack the plants that are still in the shape of a bud. Therefore, you must watch your species well and apply the necessary measures.
  12. Throw a thin layer of wood chips. You will get a kind of natural protection, which will help to maintain the roots of plants that are going to flower. It will also retain moisture in the soil and prevent the spread of weeds.

The application of these small tips will help your garden to be in a better state of conservation and will make your garden the most beautiful of this season.

Saul Saldana Jr

Triple S Tree